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Conversation Between dramaqueen and MrVampire181
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  1. MrVampire181
    07-17-2009 09:14 PM - permalink
    Well the mountains were fun. We were at the base of Mount Meeker and hiked A LOT.

    One of my pet fish died though :( My friend found her dead while I was spawning a pair and she must have died when I left because he only saw three. :((((
  2. dramaqueen
    07-12-2009 06:17 AM - permalink
    lol Thanks for letting me know so I won't worry! Have a great time. I love the mountains and I envy you! lol
  3. MrVampire181
    07-12-2009 12:26 AM - permalink
    BTW I'm leaving Sunday morning to the mountains again so I won't be on. Hopefully you won't think I got blown away by a tornado again :P
  4. MrVampire181
    07-11-2009 07:46 PM - permalink
    No prob :)
  5. dramaqueen
    07-11-2009 12:16 PM - permalink
    ok, thanks!
  6. MrVampire181
    07-11-2009 12:15 PM - permalink
    Gel-Tek Ampicillin, and Junlge Ick Guard. :)
  7. dramaqueen
    07-11-2009 12:11 PM - permalink
    What were the 2 meds you recommended? Gel Tek ampicillin and something else, wasn't it? I'm getting ready to order from Petmountain.
  8. dramaqueen
    07-07-2009 03:24 PM - permalink
    He's still alive but barely. Thanks for asking.
  9. MrVampire181
    07-07-2009 12:24 PM - permalink
    How's Oscar?
  10. MrVampire181
    06-27-2009 10:49 PM - permalink
    lol. Ya I'm fallin asleep right now (usually I can stay up for a long time).
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