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  1. battlekatt79
    04-05-2013 03:46 AM - permalink
    Lol I hope u have some experience with goldfish and plecos lmao. I know this is a betta fish forum things but I just had to ask because im concerned about my gold fish. Also, how often should I feed my baby betta? I only have 1 baby betta.
  2. battlekatt79
    04-05-2013 03:41 AM - permalink
    Hi gema :) i need some help. :(I witnessed my pleco attacking my fantail goldfish is that normal? I thought they are normally peaceful fish who get along with other fish. This happened when i gave it a algae wafer to eat and the goldfish wanted some of it. Now both my fantails have white fuzzy fungus on them :(I i poured some melafix into the 20goldfish gallon tank I have them and my baby betta in( btw the betta is in a breeder container attached in the tank. Also I already removed the "aggressive " pleco out and placed his bad butt in the ten gallon tank wit the other pleco and a tiger barb and a older betta. Hope they will be ok *__* anything im doing wrong? Please help me
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