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  1. LebronTheBetta
    06-30-2013 07:46 PM - permalink
    Hm.. Maybe I should buy Flourish. Isn't it around $15? That's pretty much of a waste for me, considering I only have anarachis and a moss ball. lol Don't you have a lot of plants?

    And my very first game was FireRed. Yes, with Charmander and all. lol I have Soulsilver and Black too. I lost my Pearl. Oh well. lol

    In your opinion, do you think a cat or a dog is better? I'm going to get a final animal companion once I move and I don't know what to get. >.>
  2. LebronTheBetta
    06-30-2013 07:37 PM - permalink
    Hm.. Maybe that's why they died. I didn't use root tabs, only API Leaf Zone sprinkled on top.

    Do you like the new generation of Pokemon? I only liked the Kanto - Sinnoh games. Unova is just... Ugh. lol I'm a nerd.
  3. LebronTheBetta
    06-30-2013 07:29 PM - permalink
    Haha mine are the opposite! Did you use root tabs or Flourish?

    And yep! I still play Pokemon to this day. lol Do you have any reptiles?
  4. LebronTheBetta
    06-30-2013 07:22 PM - permalink
    Yes, it's best when it's floating. I am also failing at keeping easy to care for plants alive. lol

    And lmao. Hopefully Professor Splendens will be happy. :'D
  5. LebronTheBetta
    06-30-2013 07:02 PM - permalink
    I already think it's a lot of work for me to change my 20 gallon's water. xD So many of my anarachis are dying though, probably because they really do want to float instead of being planted. *sigh*

    I LOVE Pokemon! lol They actually relate to bettas, too. Once you have one, you have to get more!
  6. LebronTheBetta
    06-30-2013 06:55 PM - permalink
    That's so.. Inspiring! That must be a lot of work, though. 0.o I wish I had a lot like you. I'm.. 20 bettas short. xD
  7. LebronTheBetta
    06-27-2013 12:31 PM - permalink
    You have over 22 bettas already? You must be going to the doctor now to get a betta med prescription. haha ^.^ I only have one in a 20G, my sorority died off a few months ago. -.- But that means I can buy so much to spoil him. > How do you manage?

    And I think he only comes over for food. He only slept on the box I got for him once, cats love boxes. lol
  8. LebronTheBetta
    06-27-2013 12:03 PM - permalink
    Where I live we didn't really get much of the hurricanes. We only got the remains of it, just plain downpours. We didn't lose power! Did you? :o

    My neighbor has a cat that comes to me every night. ^.^ I feed him and he seems to like me. I call him Linc. (short for Lincoln) I don't know why I chose that name but it was based on a TV show, Prison Break. lol

    (sorry it took a while to reply, I actually posted the comment on my profile. lol)
  9. LebronTheBetta
    06-26-2013 09:26 PM - permalink
    Oh, dear, about the hurricanes.

    And I can't really get a cat yet. Only in 2-3 years, my parents won't allow it. And I can't drive, I'm too little. *sigh* One day.
  10. jadaBlu
    06-26-2013 07:57 PM - permalink
    How are the kittens doing? They are very cute. I wish we were closer we are wanting to get a kitten that has long hair. In regard to the portrait of my cat can you PM with an email so I can send a picture to you of him? I have an art background as well but I am not talented at painting animals or fish at this point.

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