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  1. lilnaugrim
    05-24-2013 08:55 AM - permalink
    Oh geez, sorry about the shrimp! Yeah, you generally want to get the biggest ones so that they don't turn into a snack either for the larger shrimp or your betta lol But yeah, as you said, live and learn ^^

    And ordering plants from online could either be more expensive or less, it depends on how much your getting and how much the shipping costs are. I've ordered from <---good prices and fairly decent shipping. is also good, I haven't ordered but I might in the future. I've also ordered from, he was alright, plants/snails came fine. Don't order from they are no good and take forever. Took a month to get one giant java fern. Some other places I have not ordered but I know are alright:, ebay is fine and then aquabid is always a good place to look as well :D
  2. PersonalityUnknown
    05-24-2013 06:00 AM - permalink
    Well the small one was a snack and the big one kicked the bucket. Dammit lol. Maybe when I upgrade the tank and get more live plants ill try again.
  3. PersonalityUnknown
    05-23-2013 09:28 PM - permalink
    Well the Doctor seems a lot less interested in the two new shrimp I got tonight (two for 25 cents, wut? The guy over there was awesome lol). I acclimated them the same way I would for the Doctor so they seem a lot less stressed out.

    What website do you order your plants from? If I can get them cheaper online than I would at my store that would be a plus LOL. I love water sprites, I think they're soooo pretty c:
  4. lilnaugrim
    05-23-2013 05:56 PM - permalink
    Oh no, poor shrimp! Doctor might have harrassed him to death as well though, Betta's are notorious for eating shrimp unfortunately unless you have a sort of jungle in your tank to give lots of spaces for the shrimp to hide and get away from the Betta. But yeah that's the good thing about Ghost Shrimp, they are inexpensive so it's a good way to test out your Betta to see if they are too aggressive to have other shrimp in there. But yes, shrimp are also delicate and need to be acclimated very well. I use the Drip method to acclimate shrimp when I get them.

    As for plants anything fast growing would be good; anacharis, hornwort, water wisteria, water sprite, rotala and ludwigia. Java ferns are great too, I've had good luck with mine, they're pretty tough to kill. I got my Java Moss online, actually most of my plants came from online.

    But my faves are Java Fern, Water Wisteria, Water Sprite and Vallisneria.
  5. PersonalityUnknown
    05-23-2013 05:42 PM - permalink
    Came home to a dead shrimp. -headdesk- and I bought a little cove for him and everything to try and ease the chase and give him somewhere to hide. Oh well. Better luck next time, huh? Inexpensive little loss, I feel kinda bad. I didn't acclimate him cause of the HUGE bag they gave me so maybe the shock didn't help. Live and learn. I'll try again one more time when I go towards that pet shop again.

    Now I just need a versatop instead of a mesh top so the water doesn't evaporate as fast. I think my tank looks almost complete I just need more plants. I'm looking everywhere for Java moss but I can't seem to find any. What kind of live plants do you suggest I buy?
  6. lilnaugrim
    05-23-2013 02:31 PM - permalink
    Ahhh! That's awesome!! Amy was one of my favorites, after Rose and Donna of course! That is certainly a fantastic name for him!

    And yes, you can just do two changes for him a week now. You can either do one 25% and one 100% or I just do two 50%. Siphon the gravel one time and then just siphon the water the second time. Take the filter cartridge out once a week to swish it in the old tank water you just took out so that it doesn't build up debris as quickly and keeps it running for a longer period of time Love the "No Fishing" signs lol and yeah, he could definitely use some plants in there! You could just do all the silk ones if you really wanted, I just like the live because they do help keep the water quality better :)
  7. PersonalityUnknown
    05-23-2013 02:12 PM - permalink
    I decided to name him Dr. Who or just "Doctor" for short LOL. My boyfriend named his car "Amy" after one of the Doctor's companions so I couldn't resist!! I just got a 3i Filter for his tank (Does this mean I don't have to do 3x water changes a week?) and I even got him a pet ghost shrimp (Even though he's kinda having fun pestering the poor thing. It was only a quarter, I couldn't resist!!). Here's what his tank looks like now!

    I'm really hoping for some floating type plant for the tank. I went to 2 pet stores today and no luck ;c
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