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  1. Bpepp33
    04-29-2015 06:52 PM - permalink
    would the plants in this package do well with the finnex stingray?
  2. RussellTheShihTzu
    04-28-2015 07:36 PM - permalink
    I have Anubias, Swords, Crypts, Java Moss, Subwassertang, Dwarf Hairgrass, Micro Swords, Marimo Moss Balls, Dwarf Sag, Wisteria, Narrow Leaf Anacharis, Soft Hornwort (Ceratophyllum submersum), Dwarf Water Lettuce, Salvinia minima, Myrio and Cabomba plus many I can't remember. All under Finnex Stingrays. I don't have an algae problem. Lights are on eight hours a 'em on a timer.
  3. Bpepp33
    04-28-2015 06:58 PM - permalink
    I think that I'm going to look into LED lights instead of Fluorescent lights and have low light plants. (yes i know i change my mind a lot) i was wondering, what plants do you have? and do you think id have algae problems if i got a finnex stingray and had plants light anubias, java fern, and crypts?
  4. Sparklycharley
    04-27-2015 12:21 PM - permalink
    Hello I've posted a photo of harrys (my betta) fins to get some advice on if he's nipping his own fins or if he has any thing else I posted it in my post called urgent help! Can you please give some advice ? :)
  5. RussellTheShihTzu
    04-26-2015 05:25 PM - permalink
    I leave the carbon in but don't replace it when I figure it's depleted. I also leave in the ceramic rings. The filter floss is more like a sponge. I add a second one when I take out the carbon.
    I have the spray bar in the water but at the waterline and point it toward the tank wall. I leave it on wide open and the Betta don't have a problem swimming around it.
    Keep asking. I don't mind.
  6. Bpepp33
    04-26-2015 12:55 PM - permalink
    So you've got me into maybe getting an internal filter from but id like to ask you some questions if thats okay.
    Do you use the carbon that comes with it? because I've heard that the carbon will take out any plant fertilizer in the tank
    Do you use filter floss and/or ceramic rings?
    Does the spray bar go above the water or in the water?
    thanks for all your help!
  7. Anne713
    04-17-2015 10:16 AM - permalink
    Could I get the code for please?
  8. RussellTheShihTzu
    04-14-2015 11:34 PM - permalink
    No, there isn't.
  9. bsb
    04-14-2015 11:29 PM - permalink
    is there a discount code for finnex? thanks, jimmy
  10. yoplait70
    03-09-2015 08:07 PM - permalink
    hi, can i get the discount code for PAC? Thanks! Julie

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