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Conversation Between hallie56 and Romad
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  1. Romad
    04-05-2013 06:50 AM - permalink
    I honestly don't know if the disease would have infected the fry. Do you still have any fish that survived from the original tank? I read your messages here before I read anything else in the forum. I'll check out your thread now.
  2. hallie56
    04-04-2013 02:36 PM - permalink
    oh I forgot, I have them in a temp tank right now..... it is just a tote but it is holding them till I know what I have or can do with the others.
  3. hallie56
    04-04-2013 02:34 PM - permalink
    Romad..... I had several females that gave birth.... I had put them in a maternity tank and removed the fry as soon as they had them..... will they be ok, or do you think they will have whatever is killing the others? They seem to be growing and doing good, I have only lost one out of 40 total. so I still have some I can work with ... but I don't want to infect my new tank by putting them in it..... I bleached out my maternity tank in case I can keep them... it is only a 5 gal but will it do till I can buy a new and NOT infected tank?
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