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  1. justmel
    04-17-2013 12:41 PM - permalink
    Don't blame Lord Grantham. He was just doing what come natural to him and protecting his territory, of he thought he was anyway. Of course if Mr. Fish had managed to get at Mani my feeling might be different.

    It's going to be a juggleing job for me when it comes time to put all my boys in divided tanks. I have 13/14 (1 petco baby hasn't finished growing, but I think boy) to divide. Some flare at any other male they see, but I have a few that for what ever reason has taken an intense dislike to another male just by site. Such as Thor, he doesn't flare, not even for the ladies most time, but if he sees my daughters VT, Luv, he flips out. Flares like there's no tomorrow and is all over the place. If he could I think he'd jump from one bowl to the next to get Luv he would in a heart beat.

    Good luck finishing up dividing your tanks. I'm sure no one will get through again with how you are going to make them.
  2. justmel
    04-16-2013 12:28 PM - permalink
    Hey! I thought you might like to know that you are not alone. I caught my VT, Mr. Fish trying to dig through the sand and under the divider after I put him in a divided tank with Mani!

    How's Starbucks?
  3. justmel
    04-11-2013 07:40 PM - permalink
    So glad to hear is he's doing good! No, they really don't understand. I have to give my kid & fiance credit that they try. I sat at home today waiting for betta that were shipped Tuesday and sent Brad (fiance) to 2 different pet stores to get me stuff.
  4. percyfyshshelley
    04-11-2013 07:31 PM - permalink
    He is doing good! All things considered of course. He is upright (in normal fish position), doesn't seem distressed, no signs of infection so far. I haven't gotten him to eat yet, however. Imgoingto try a frozen bloodworm tonight. I'm doing daily 100% water changes. He doesn't swim much; I think that might be because he barely has any fins :(
    Thanks for asking! No one else "gets it" except for on this forum.
  5. justmel
    04-11-2013 09:20 AM - permalink
    How is Starbucks this morning?
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