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Conversation Between Tabby216 and sunlight
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  1. sunlight
    03-01-2013 12:54 PM - permalink
    I am not experienced with another fish but make sure your bottom feeder not sick and contaminate whole tank. I am not sure what is bottom feeder normal behavior should be. If you have him for long time and he been like that i guess it fine, but if you just got him and he is like that then find out if it normal behavior. Let me know if you need any help, i can ask someone on this forum that i know. She is knowledgeable and will be happy to help. Just make sure you still vacuum the gravel and do weekly 50% water changes, and filter media rinsing in the old water with the water change....Sorry for telling you that, it just some people don;t realized that they need to do all of that.
    Anyway thank you for response and let me know if you need any help:)
  2. Tabby216
    02-27-2013 11:48 PM - permalink
    Thank you for your concern. :)
    Unfortunately I don't have the male betta anymore. I do however have one guppie and one female betta. The betta sometimes chase the guppie but she ignores him. I also have the bottom feeder in there but he has never gotten out of hiding since I got him. It's like he doesn't like the LED light that's in the tank.
  3. sunlight
    02-25-2013 12:44 PM - permalink
    Hey how is your betta, do you need any help? One advice when you buy new betta always quarantine your betta since you always have chance to buy sick one. And if you put sick betta in your main tank you will contaminate it. And also when you buy it of course check for any symptoms of the sickness .Please let me know if you need any help:)
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