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Conversation Between KwLDeL and White Mage
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  1. White Mage
    04-09-2013 11:14 AM - permalink
    White Mage
    Lol hey. Everything is great (sort of) We started with one fish, now we have 3 e.e and another to come... we have a spare 5g D:
  2. KwLDeL
    04-09-2013 10:59 AM - permalink
    Hey I thought I had u as freiend already. Take it if u like I offer it cause u had given a complete about Masuka :D. And it's always good to now good people. Howe alls been well with u and betta Mine as doubled in size. I knew nothing about them but about 2 week before I bought him I read up on them. Like their history, habitat and whatnot then when I took him home I found this site the Same night and its was the best thing ever. Ur gonna get a responds with I. 12 yr here and the ppl truly help, no1s cocky or judgmental. The ppl on here raised my fish to be heathy as an oz (knock on wood) ok I'll let u go. In babbling on, in work kill time so yea keep in touch. TTYS
  3. KwLDeL
    02-25-2013 07:32 PM - permalink
    Thank you very much
  4. White Mage
    02-25-2013 09:27 AM - permalink
    White Mage
    Is that your betta in the picture? It's beautiful! it has such pretty colors :D
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