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  1. Nicci Lu
    05-26-2013 01:04 AM - permalink
    Nicci Lu
    I do wait before adding the StressGuard when I use it. If I've added Prime with a WC or dosed the whole tank when I was cycling, I do that in the morning. I only wait until about 5PM to add the StressGuard, cuz otherwise I'll forget. :)

    I just pour it in, a little bit in different spots of the tank so there's no chance that it settles in one spot. I try to get most of it in the filter flow so it's quickly dispersed. I don't use it all the time. Only when there's been an injury/illness or when I've added new fish to a tank.

    Hope that helps! It really is good stuff. Not necessary for everyday use- plus it would get expensive since you have to use a lot more of it than with Prime.
  2. EmptyYourMindBeFormless
    05-25-2013 05:09 AM - permalink
    Sorry to bother you, but I noticed you posted a review of Seachem StressGuard back in March, and wanted to ask for some feedback (chose to ask you directly over bumping the thread, as you may not have seen it).

    I was actually just scanning the Seachem forums and noticed your Qs about using it w. PRIME, and I too found their answer was a bit vague.

    May I ask what your dosage method/schedule was? Basically, I was wondering if you followed the "one in the morning, one at night" advice given, and how you added StressGuard to your tank (directly in?).

    Also, did you just use it until the healing was complete or is it part of your regular water maintenance regimen? I assume it wouldn't be necessary to constantly add it?

    Any reply would be appreciated.

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