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Conversation Between Lupin and ansalong
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  1. Lupin
    03-02-2011 10:38 PM - permalink
    I do know a lot about snails since I've kept dozens of species but I would never consider myself as one of those experts. If anyone is, it's the conchologists who really study them inside and outside, and who will readily answer your queries easily. I've contacted one and he never got back to me about one snail I tried to identified that was found in one of our local creeks. Decided to research it on my own painstakingly and pinned the ID.
  2. ansalong
    03-02-2011 09:55 PM - permalink
    Aww someone else on the forum called you the snail expert, I forget who though. I appreciate your help anyway!

    My water is right down the middle for hardness, pH and alkalinity. Maybe a snail is not for me? It will be a 10 gal.
  3. Lupin
    03-01-2011 09:13 PM - permalink
    If your water is hard and alkaline, you can. Soft acidic water erodes the shells. If you have a constant adequate supply of algae, then a nerite snail is for you.

    How big is the tank? I don't consider myself a snail expert.
  4. ansalong
    03-01-2011 07:34 PM - permalink
    Hey Lupin, I heard you were our snail expert. Do you recommend a snail to keep with Bettas other than a mystery snail? Maybe something a little more commonly found in pet stores?
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