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Conversation Between SomethingWitty and callistra
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  1. SomethingWitty
    01-07-2013 01:34 PM - permalink
    Murphy just passed. Could you please take a look at this link and tell me what I did wrong and why he passed?
    http: //www
    Thank you.
  2. SomethingWitty
    01-05-2013 06:28 PM - permalink
    Thank you :)
  3. callistra
    01-05-2013 04:55 PM - permalink
    You can treat in the 5g. Yes, you add 5 tsp of salt, predissolved and very slowly over an hour. You only add more salt along with water changes. The salt will stay in the tank until you change the water.

    In a 5g you don't need to do daily change. You could do a 25-50% change every other day with 100% at week's end if you wanted. I think 50% mid week and 100% week's end would be plenty, personally. Follow instructions for dosing Maracyn per the box.
  4. SomethingWitty
    01-05-2013 04:46 PM - permalink
    Okay I've decided to go ahead and start him on the Maracyn while I wait for the Kanaplex to get
    here. I just bought the Epsom salt and I have a question. Since he is in a 5 gallon tank, do I put
    in 5tsp? Am I suppose to add it to his tank or get a quarantine tank? How often do I add it to his water? Do I change his water each time? I plan on doing two 100% water changes each week and possibly a couple 25% water changes.
  5. callistra
    01-05-2013 03:18 PM - permalink
    Maracyn is Erythromycin. It has some potential to work but not at the same rate as the Kanaplex (Kanamycin). You could try it, but in addition to treating I would order the Kanaplex just in case it doesn't work. I have also seen it suggested to use Erythromycin as a double dose, but I don't have any experience with this.
  6. SomethingWitty
    01-05-2013 02:33 PM - permalink
    Hey thank you again for all your help! I know one of the antibiotics you recommended was Maracyn Plus by Mardel, but all I could find was just Maracyn. Will this work as well, or should I just order Maracyn Plus from online?
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