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Conversation Between Hopelessaddict101 and madmonahan
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  1. Hopelessaddict101
    01-09-2013 05:59 PM - permalink
    Im a linking member now :D
  2. madmonahan
    01-09-2013 05:33 PM - permalink
    Awesome possum! <-lol I'm silly.
  3. Hopelessaddict101
    01-09-2013 05:32 PM - permalink
    I don't mind! I made it up ;) I will make you one now!
  4. madmonahan
    01-09-2013 05:11 PM - permalink
    Yay! Do you mind doing the same quote as yours? Don't want to copy. ;)
  5. Hopelessaddict101
    01-09-2013 05:08 PM - permalink
    I will do it tonight though. I'll be back on later so don't forget to remind me! :D I will do it though!
  6. madmonahan
    01-09-2013 03:53 PM - permalink
    I love your siggy picture!! XD can you make me on? I can find a quote for you to put on it! ^_^
  7. madmonahan
    01-08-2013 07:35 PM - permalink
    yeah but i can get back up there. ^_^ i dont mind to much, and i still play some games in the lounge. ill PM you who the person is. >->
  8. Hopelessaddict101
    01-08-2013 07:32 PM - permalink
    Oh I know what you're on about :) I get you..

    And yeah, I agree. It's unfair to take the ones that were already there away but they should have made it for future announcements. You made it to bronze member!
  9. madmonahan
    01-08-2013 07:30 PM - permalink
    tielinol, (have no idea how to spell that) and ibuprofen. Edit: also somthing to make sure it doesnt get infected.

    it is and isnt fair. i dont think they should have deleted the ones you already made, just kept them, and made the ones in the future not count. it is fair in a way because people would get obsessed with posting and only post in the lounge. (i know someone on here who did that)
  10. Hopelessaddict101
    01-08-2013 07:24 PM - permalink
    Hmm what do you take for pain? May I ask?

    And hmm that is kind of unfair I think. Especially if you're trying to work your way up to a certain rank and you get there and they take away a lot of posts =( it would be disappointing.
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