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Conversation Between Mirage23 and Setsuna
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  1. Setsuna
    05-12-2013 05:41 AM - permalink
    its true wild splendens are much more peaceful then regular domestic bettas but you still cannot house wild splendens together. Unless they was born together and been living with each other since birth then yes they can be house together but if you buy 2 wild splendens from different places and try to put them together that will not work out because its in a splendens blood to fight one another
  2. Mirage23
    05-11-2013 05:32 PM - permalink
    Hello! I was told that you can house wild betta splendens together but that didn't sound right. When I tried to argue the point they said that wild splendens are more peaceful than the ones at the pet store with more finnage. Is this true?
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