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  1. MattsBettas
    05-29-2013 08:16 AM - permalink
    Thanks for posting them! I love the HMPK and the piebald guy. Does the piebald have any rosetailing? What sellers were they from (if you remember lol)?
  2. Catw0man
    05-29-2013 12:01 AM - permalink
    Uploaded some of the fish in search of new homes to a new album....check them out!
  3. MattsBettas
    05-25-2013 07:18 PM - permalink
    I'm really sorry to nag, but can you post the pictures of the fish you would like to rehome?
  4. MattsBettas
    05-22-2013 12:12 AM - permalink
    Are you serious! Oh my God you are an amazing person!!!
  5. MattsBettas
    05-22-2013 12:06 AM - permalink
    I see you bid on her? Well, good luck I guess... I certainly don't want to get in a bidding war with you! She really is something, isn't she?
  6. MattsBettas
    05-21-2013 11:22 PM - permalink
    Yup. I hope so as well, obviously. Any new fish will be under strict quarantine for the opposite reason you normally qt- to protect the new guys from disease.
  7. Catw0man
    05-21-2013 11:20 PM - permalink
    Only 2??? lol....but, yeah, I know there are some other forum members near you who might be interested, so it would be fine to combine shipping if you can distribute the fish once they get there. :)

    Glad no more of your fish have passed....hopefully that's the end of whatever it was.
  8. MattsBettas
    05-21-2013 11:10 PM - permalink
    I would probably take two but there are a few other people near me that would be interested (and that would cut shipping for me). Sure, make an album, I would like to see them! No more have passed... Still worried though.
  9. Catw0man
    05-21-2013 11:07 PM - permalink
    Absolutely....we'll wait for a bit until you feel comfortable getting new fish. Have you had any more pass away? I actually had 3 fish die in a similar way a couple of months day they were active and appeared healthy and the next day they were "hanging" in their water with a slightly bloated abdomen and then the day after that they were dead. Fortunately, it was just the was odd though.

    I'll maybe create an album of fish I would be willing to rehome....I just need a couple of days. How many fish would you want to take? Anyway, you can have first dibs, like I said.....and between the two of us, we'll figure out the best way to ship them safely....I think there's a thread around here somewhere with I think it's fairly straightforward really (and I've received enough fish to see how they're packed, etc.) but for some reason I'm nervous about
  10. MattsBettas
    05-21-2013 04:15 PM - permalink
    Lol thanks! I would prefer to wait until I can be sure I have eradicated whatever disease is going around my fishies but I would be more then willing to pay shipping and help you with it (I don't have any experience though).

    Not really looking for anything specific, but pics would help a lot!

    Thank you!
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