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  1. Twixies
    08-14-2013 07:01 PM - permalink
    It's easy to do the 50% water change, for me, I just use a turkey baster since the tank is kind of small, and just suck up the poop and what not, you can do that too
  2. chicklette
    08-14-2013 04:39 PM - permalink
    Hi Minnie, Ivory's water has been warm enough, so I have removed both the heater and the filter. Since my pain is flaring up everyday, I can only manage to change 100 % of his water every 6 or 7 days. I have been doing this routine for well over a month, maybe 2 months. I have moved into a south facing apartment. If I need to put the heater back into his tank this year, I will take the advice you gave me and change his water twice a week.
    Thank you very much
  3. Twixies
    08-13-2013 09:24 PM - permalink
    Hey, I'm super sorry for this super late reply, I haven't been on this forum in so long, I'm not sure if you still need this information, but you should change the water twice a week, one 50% and one 100%
  4. chicklette
    06-04-2013 07:16 PM - permalink
    Hi minnie, I was trying to find opinions on what percentage and how often I need to change my beta's water. He is in a heated and filtered 2.5 gallon tank. I have posted this question somewhere in the forum, but I found your post saying that you want to help new beta owners.
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