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Conversation Between AyalaCookiejar and Chard56
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  1. AyalaCookiejar
    01-21-2013 02:40 PM - permalink
    Okay, thanks! I wasn't sure because I've never bred or dealt with such young fish. Around what time will you start to know what colors they will be? I'd like to have some blue and purple because those are my favorite colors :p I also have two girls with red on them and one pink girl so I've got a lot of red going on lol :) I really like my dragon girl, she jumped really far last night during feeding time, haha xD
  2. Chard56
    01-21-2013 02:35 PM - permalink
    I don't know what colors they'll turn out to be. The grandfather was a Blue and Red Dragon and there were Blue and Purplish as well as Red and the White ones like the father in his spawn. I can't wait to see how they finish growing out. I think they will be taking home several Blue Ribbons when the show season starts up again in March.
  3. AyalaCookiejar
    01-21-2013 12:45 AM - permalink
    Oh, they are so precious ^^ I didn't know they got eggy so young, lol. The girl in the top middle of the first picture pops out at me, but she looks yellow (I love yellow females). It may just be the picture. Some of them also look like they have some light blue?
  4. Chard56
    01-21-2013 12:28 AM - permalink
    They are by no means all identical. Quite a bit of variety.
  5. AyalaCookiejar
    01-20-2013 10:34 PM - permalink
    Thanks :) btw, I am pretty inexperienced with young fish. Will they color up and do each of them kind of have their own unique markings and colorings (sort of)? Sorry if that's a stupid question. I want to be able to easily tell them apart and I want others to be able to easily tell them apart, as well. I'm drawing pictures of each of my girls that I'm going to place somewhere near the tank with their names, haha. (I'm also assuming that they will be pretty well socialized, since they are going to go into my sorority tank after QTing.)
  6. Chard56
    01-20-2013 10:26 PM - permalink
    The Red and Snow girls are 10 weeks and the Fire Dragon ladies are about 12 weeks old. Give me a holler when you are ready. There are well over 100 of them so I'm sure I'll still have plenty around your B-day.
  7. AyalaCookiejar
    01-20-2013 03:56 PM - permalink
    He's gorgeous! :0 how old are these females? I'm having issues with my fishless cycle right now so I seeded it today and HOPEFULLY it will cycle quickly now. My birthday is on Febuary 27th and I'm hoping to have my girls by then (2 weeks before, ideally, but this stupid cycles giving me troubles D:).

    Like I said before, I just want some variety. This is my current dragon:

    My other two girls are EEs, a white one and a pink one. I'm wanting three more and I decided a while ago that I want to purchase three from you :p you have some amazing bettas! Sorry to be a picky pain in the butt, btw, lol.
  8. Chard56
    01-20-2013 03:22 PM - permalink
    I have been seeing other sellers using the term Snow Dragon when selling White Dragons which I hadn't seen before so when White Dragons showed up in my Dragon spawns I used that name for them.
  9. AyalaCookiejar
    01-20-2013 01:43 PM - permalink
    Oh, lol. What about snow dragons?
    My red dragon is my oldest and probably favorite of my three girls and she has pretty blue eyes. She's got some fin damage from shipping but she's super spunky!
  10. Chard56
    01-20-2013 01:36 PM - permalink
    Red Dragons have Red finnage with thick White Dragon scaling. My Fire Dragons have Red finnage with Gold iredescence over their fins and body giving an impression of shimmering flame.

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