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Conversation Between AyalaCookiejar and callistra
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  1. callistra
    01-29-2013 10:02 PM - permalink
    I think the meds you are using are not working :( I would get him out of them into pure epsom salts. Has he pooped yet?
  2. AyalaCookiejar
    01-29-2013 09:02 PM - permalink
    Oh my god. Bahari looks like he's going to EXPLODE. His gills are moving rapidly and are wide open and he is swimming around strangely and rapidly. I added more Epsom salt but I can't stand to watch him. He's floating and can't stay upright! :(
  3. AyalaCookiejar
    01-29-2013 12:00 AM - permalink

    Her fins look shorter in the second picture because of the angle. She was not cooperating, lol. But anyways, she's healing up quickly :)
  4. AyalaCookiejar
    01-28-2013 05:13 PM - permalink
    Thanks. DaBaDee still doesn't look too good... Do you think his eyes look swollen or off?

    He looks like a ghost to me.
  5. callistra
    01-27-2013 11:10 PM - permalink
    They replied. They said they wanted to know exactly what had metal and they would forward the info onto the corporate office.

    Sorry you're having so much trouble :( Hope they all pull through!
  6. AyalaCookiejar
    01-27-2013 11:06 PM - permalink
    Hey, Callistra. I'd love to know if/when you get a response from Penn Plax. So far, they have not sent any reply to me. I feel like I should start a petition at against these companies selling aquarium products that contain metal.

    Also, if like to let you know that so far, DaBaDee is still hanging on but he is very lethargic, still has color loss and is clamped, but my girl Okami is healing very nicely/quickly and I've only added 1/2 tsp of AQ salt so far, so I don't think I will up the dose. Bahari also hasn't pooped for me yet, but he was more active today than usual, which is good.
  7. callistra
    01-26-2013 09:50 PM - permalink
    I don't remember how much my LF charges but I know each tube is under $10, so I'm not really worried about the cost. You can send what you feel like or I have enough to cover it.
  8. AyalaCookiejar
    01-26-2013 09:33 PM - permalink
    That's very nice of you! How much do you want for it?
  9. callistra
    01-26-2013 09:32 PM - permalink
    I'll mail you some Metro and Focus if you PM me an address I can use. I can mail it tomorrow. I don't know how long it will take to get there but I'm in KS so we're very close. It shouldn't take but a few days.

    Hopefully the PC will help in the meantime.
  10. AyalaCookiejar
    01-26-2013 09:25 PM - permalink
    About 20 minutes ago he was floating sideways and could not swim downwards but now he's resting at the bottom of the tank since I just added the meds.
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