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Conversation Between Senshine and Catw0man
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  1. Catw0man
    09-15-2013 07:20 PM - permalink
    Jeez....that's too bad! And the girl with the cloudy eyes that I have came from him as well.
  2. Senshine
    09-15-2013 03:22 PM - permalink
    I hope your sorority is doing well :) One of the girls that I got from the same seller (Mr. Majcha..) as Mr. Fuzzy is growing the same type of growth on her side. It is much larger than what Mr. Fuzzy had but shes still eating and acting fine! If I buy more fish off Aquabid I don't think I'll be buying from Mr Majcha again.
  3. Senshine
    07-09-2013 10:59 PM - permalink
    Uggghhh nvm about that, she isn't even orange at all.. or black.. shes blue and white but it's definitely her..
  4. Senshine
    07-09-2013 10:05 PM - permalink
    I don't see any betta that even resembles that creamcicle girl in the ones I got s:
  5. Senshine
    07-09-2013 01:28 PM - permalink
    They did deliver it at 10:23 this morning, I was busy setting up the jars and clearing a space for the two bins I'm having to use. I opened up the box and and took the newspaper off. They were verryy cold. They are all unpacked now and all are alive.
  6. Catw0man
    07-09-2013 12:46 PM - permalink
    When I check the tracking, it says it was delivered at 10:23 this morning....when was it actually delivered?
  7. Catw0man
    07-09-2013 12:41 PM - permalink
    Well so much for me asking for a signature!!!! Jeez....well, at least they are there! Please let me know once you've opened them if they are all ok!
  8. Senshine
    07-09-2013 12:33 PM - permalink
    They are here :) The guy rang the bell, put the package on the step then went back to his truck lol.
  9. Senshine
    06-24-2013 12:26 AM - permalink
    I'm trying my best! It's nice to have something good to look forward to in the middle of all the chaos :)
  10. Catw0man
    06-24-2013 12:00 AM - permalink
    lol....remain calm!
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