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  1. chicklette
    03-18-2013 11:40 AM - permalink
    jewel hasn't been the least bit interested in her morning feedings for 3 days now. last night, i purposly didn't feed her her dinner hoping she would want breakfast this morning. WRONG. i did a water test, all 6 levels were perfectly fine. then 1 of the pellets began to sink, and she ate that one. i started thinking, maybe she wants flakes, so i gave her some. she ate those. that was her first feeding of flakes since i've had her. also, i noticed that when i have the glass cover on, she is less active than when it is off. should i get her an air pump, or just leave the lid off? she hasn't jumped since i got her in october, and the water stays warmer with the lid on. the lid has one small opening at an edge for the cords from the heater, etc to go through, but the rest of the lid is solid. i'll take a picture of the top of her tank with the lid on, hopefully it'll show. it will be in my album.
  2. chicklette
    03-16-2013 04:10 PM - permalink
    Her colouring is normal, and she's back to her old self again (wanting human company), so I'm no longer concerned.
  3. chicklette
    03-15-2013 10:34 PM - permalink
    Jewel seems to be back to normal, she must have dropped her eggs.
  4. osromatra
    03-15-2013 01:48 AM - permalink
    I have pictures of my betta in my album now. I can't get the color true to his actual coloring. It's like a brickish sort of red, not so vivid orange. He's very shy and hard to get a good, non-blurry photo of.
  5. chicklette
    03-14-2013 06:48 PM - permalink
    Hi saph, I phoned the pet store and one of the guys that work in the fish room assured me that Jewel is likely "pregnant" it is rare for a female to produce eggs without a male around, but I probably accidentally started it by taping a cosmetic mirror to her tank. So in a couple weeks, she'll lay her eggs and eat them. I learnt my lesson. Never again will I just leave a mirror taped to her tank!!
  6. chicklette
    03-14-2013 02:12 PM - permalink
    Jewel just hasn't been her normal cheerful self today. She will come over to me, or a visitor briefly to say hi, then she goes back on yop of her filter (her usual spot). She still has quite a belly. Kind of looks like a puffy area under her chin. Am I over feeding her, or does she have eggs? Should I just feed her once a day (like I used to) or is there a way to get her to release her eggs without a male? Maybe I should ask my friend if I could keep her fish for a couple nights. What do you suggest? I tried looking for suggestions in the forums.
  7. chicklette
    03-14-2013 09:13 AM - permalink
    Last week, when I cleaned Jewel's tank out, Since I put her into a tiny square temporary container, I took her into another resident's room for a quick visit. She seemed to really enjoy the experience. I think I'll do this every time I give her tank a good cleaning, every 8 days. Is it common for betas to thrive being in a humans present, or do I have an unusually sociable fish?
  8. chicklette
    03-14-2013 05:13 AM - permalink
    i use a 6 in 1 aquarium test strips from tetra.
    its the nitrite that i'm questioning. it says, on the bottle, "NITRITE IS A WASTE PRODUCT PRODUCED BY BACTERIA IN THE BIOLOGICAL FILTER AS IT BREAKS DOWN AMMONIA. NITRITE IS EXTREMELY HARMFUL TO FISH AND CAN RESULT IN SEVERE FISH LOSS. LEVELS SHOULD BE TESTED WEEKLY" one day, the level was 0, but i changed 100% of her water anyway. 4 days later, it was at 160, unsafe. i didn't have a filter or a heater in DB's 2 litre vase, nor did i test the water at all. i'm going to look in the chat areas to see if anyone else has this sort of question.
  9. chicklette
    03-12-2013 06:53 PM - permalink
    I changed 50% of Jewel's water today, and I was reading the label for the water test strips. It said something like one of the levels can be increased by the filter and can lead to severe fish loss. Should I just remove the filter from her tank altogether? I really don't know if it is helping with anything anyway.
  10. chicklette
    03-11-2013 11:48 PM - permalink
    My profile picture is a picture I just took of JewelS tank. It was taken about 10 minutes ago

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