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  1. Myates
    12-08-2012 08:10 AM - permalink
    I'm so sorry to hear that :( Hate when they die out of the blue shortly after bringing them home... poor fella
  2. AyalaCookiejar
    12-07-2012 09:44 PM - permalink
    I'm so sorry :( you did all you could. It's never easy to say goodbye. In their own fishy way, they appreciate all we do for them. At least he isn't suffering now and is in the big rice paddy Betta heaven. I'm very sorry :(
  3. AyalaCookiejar
    12-03-2012 12:50 AM - permalink
    Yep! Like I said, keeping his tank dark and well decorated should help with the stress.

    Many people have luck with the preset heaters. I personally think that the temperature it keeps at kind of depends on the room temp and the tank size, which is why they work for some and not others. I'm glad it works for you! The only thing is, if your fish ever get sick, often times raising the temp helps them heal and also speed up the life cycle of parasites, and it's not easy to do that with a preset heater.
  4. AyalaCookiejar
    12-03-2012 12:13 AM - permalink
    The new heater is working well! So far it's been a constant 78 degrees.
    I'm hoping that all your guy needs is warm, clean water (it usually is) and there isn't a disease behind the behavior. It just kind of stinks because you can't really make assumptions. You just sit, and wait. Sometimes you don't know if you're waiting for it to get better or worse, but usually it gets better, and normally if they do have something it's simple to treat.
  5. AyalaCookiejar
    12-01-2012 11:45 PM - permalink
    I really don't mind it that much... I think the room looks prettier with more than one tank, anyways :p I also like the look of bettas more than pretty much any other fish.. Especially my new betta! He's a beaut.. A little girly, though. He's got a lot of pink going on, lol. How manly xD
  6. AyalaCookiejar
    12-01-2012 11:15 PM - permalink
    Yeah they are! I've had two survive at least a year before I knew squat about caring for them, lol. I had one in elementary school for a year.. My cat killed him, so I never had to go through the sick dying betta phase. I've had other types of fish, but most of them have died within a week or two. I think that settles it. Bettas are the only fish for me :p
  7. AyalaCookiejar
    12-01-2012 10:58 PM - permalink
    Hey, have you looked at the Betta tails & colors sticky? It won't let me post links to your page.
    I'm not sure if your new guy is a bi-color or what.. But you can always do what I did and post a thread with pictures asking what they think he is, haha xD
  8. AyalaCookiejar
    12-01-2012 10:52 PM - permalink
    I know what you mean! I spent 40 dollars on a new tank and joined this site to find out how to move my betta to his new tank... since then, I've spend over $200 on top of that!
    I got a Hydor Theo 25watt.. Not many people here recommend any kind of heater that isn't adjustable, so of course, I made sure to get an adjustable. The Hydor and Elite heaters seem to be the favorites here. It hasn't finished heating the water yet, but so far it seems to be doing a mighty good job :) My little guy doesn't seem to be phased by it, either.. Just curious as to why there are new things in his tank.
  9. AyalaCookiejar
    12-01-2012 08:59 PM - permalink
    I just got one of my heaters today. I decided to put it in my new fishes tank, since I haven't had him a week yet and my other fish has been at room temp for almost a year.. His heater should be here sometime this week. That might tell you how new I am to this site, haha! I've learned so much only being on here for a couple of weeks. I'm glad he's doing better! I'll check out your new pics :)
  10. Myates
    12-01-2012 10:40 AM - permalink
    Cool! Sounds like they are pretty :)

    Kabuki is beefing up a tad bit - but he's being overly active so it seems he is just exercising it all off lol

    That is Rebel.. he was an added bonus the breeder sent me when I purchased his brother, Ranger. I've fallen a bit hard for Rebel lol :)

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