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Conversation Between LittleBlueFishlets and aemaki09
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  1. LittleBlueFishlets
    11-27-2012 11:28 AM - permalink
    I've peeked at aquabid. I'm scared that if I start buying there, I'll never stop. LOL As for waiting a week for them to arrive, that would be pure torture!
  2. aemaki09
    11-27-2012 12:17 AM - permalink
    Well I hope you find the man of your dreams thursday then! (man as in fishy) lol
    I dont have that much patience. Which is why I have started ordering them on aquabid. I have to own it right away, even if it takes over a week to get here, i know its mine! The worst part of ordering though is when they arrive in town and are out for delivery...but the mail runs late. I normally get my mail at 12:30 and today it didnt come till nearly 4. I was dying inside! haha I ended up being really late for class because I wanted to make sure my fishies arrived safe and sound haha
  3. LittleBlueFishlets
    11-26-2012 10:58 PM - permalink
    I am still kicking myself for not grabbing that blue/white/red HM at Petsmart last week. But I was going to be busy over Thanksgiving, so I hesitated to take on a new fish at the same time. *kick kick kick* He was adorable! And when I went back to Petsmart, he was gone, of course. :( That said, Petsmart said they'll be getting a new shipment on Thursday. Guess who will be waiting for them to unpack the little cups? LOL
  4. aemaki09
    11-26-2012 09:53 PM - permalink
    Haha yes, got some new ones, I was actually about to post a thread on all the new boys and girls once I get some decent pics of the pk's that just came in today. And don't be shocked when I have another 4-6 added to this number in a week or so haha
  5. LittleBlueFishlets
    11-26-2012 09:07 PM - permalink
    Hm. I could have sworn your sig said you had ten bettas, or maybe eleven.... but now it says 14??? Did you get new fishies?
  6. aemaki09
    11-21-2012 12:40 AM - permalink
    Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my pics! I'm jealous of your bubbles! he's got some gorgeous coloring!
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