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  1. Tree
    01-16-2014 12:17 PM - permalink
    Buahahaha! Awesome! XD I will be back there as well when I need more Bettas. =)
  2. carbonxxkidd
    01-16-2014 11:31 AM - permalink
    No, there were a bunch of giants but one stood out, haha! The guy tried to talk me into getting one more because if you buy 4 or more they are $10, so I could have gotten 4 for $40 but I had to stop myself. Definitely will be back though the next time I need a fish, was very impressed!
  3. Tree
    01-16-2014 11:21 AM - permalink
    Hahahaha that place is SO addicting! XD and $35 is a good price for three bettas. =D

    awww only one giant? I hope your mom gets one next time. 8D
  4. carbonxxkidd
    01-16-2014 08:50 AM - permalink
    Ended up going to The Betta Shop last night and only spent $35...ended up with a plakat boy and two girls. The halfmoon show bettas they have there are incredible, and there was one giant boy that my mom almost bought because he was so cool but she doesn't have a place to put a betta yet. She wants to get one to put in her kitchen window but she needs to find something she likes that has room for a heater before I'll let her get one, haha.
  5. Tree
    01-15-2014 06:47 PM - permalink
    oh yeah I heard of that shop before. Never been there. though I do live in Northfield and there is a fish store down town that I go too. I never buy the bettas there but they look large and happy. =)
  6. carbonxxkidd
    01-15-2014 07:23 AM - permalink
    Fish shops are supposed to be warm! I agree though, warmth is awesome I MN. Not sure if you are I to other fish besides bettas but Aqualand in Minneapolis is my favorite fish shop at the moment. They have a very nice selection. Surprisingly though they have bettas and they don't look any bettter than petco/petsmart....all their other fish look great though. Funny how that works...
  7. Tree
    01-14-2014 11:14 PM - permalink
    Sadly, no. I got all four of my bettas at peco/smart. BUT I will be getting my next fish from there.

    LOL I bet! The last time I went there, their females were the same colors. Let's hope there are more of a variety for you. =)

    They have LARGE king Bettas too. all the bettas are healthy and have a lot of energy and the people there are super nice. they welcome you and warn you on how warm it is in the shop. Me, I could stay all day in that shot on how warm it is in here. Haha
  8. carbonxxkidd
    01-14-2014 10:45 PM - permalink
    Did you get any of your current fish at the Betta Shop? Hoping to go there this week, they get a new shipment in tomorrow. I'm afraid I'm going to end up buying a couple females for my sorority too and spend more money than I should, hah. I've heard so many good things about that place.
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