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  1. lakemalawifish
    12-12-2012 09:17 PM - permalink
    Cj, here is the stocking recommendation for your 55 g Mbuna - 3 each of the following fish you have chosen:

    Yellow Labs
    Saulosi - will be the most aggressive
    Red Zebra
    Rainbow Cichlid (Central American Cichlid) - may get picked on, maybe not but I don't blame you for liking these fish, very pretty color!

    Give me a call or shoot me an email if you need anything, I may not be on the forum much - Best wishes on your new tank, it will be awesome I am sure!!
  2. Cja313
    12-12-2012 10:10 AM - permalink
    due to the fact its dark when I get home, Ive been waiting till this weekend to wash the Aragonite/Playsand which I'll be using as a substrate. Canister Filter and HOB are all ready to go and I laid my rockwork last weekend.

    I'm thinking of going with a cookie cutter 55 gal setup with the less agressive Mbuna...Yellow Labs of course, with Saulosi (maybe just 2-3 males because I really like the way males look and Im not interested in breeding just yet.

    Rusty Cichlids and maybe Rainbow Cichlids or Acei (yellow tail Acei), maybe Red Zebra's

    If I can find just males of the species, I think they may get along....but most of the fish are Monomorphic and its like you can't be sure you know what you have till they mature and most likely I will end up getting 3 species with 4-5 of each species... might be a lil high in numbers but my filtration combined = 700 gallons per hour (topfin 60 HOB filter and Fluval 406 Canister filter) any advise on the species mentioned?
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