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  1. ChoclateBetta
    10-29-2012 04:04 PM - permalink
    Sorry about my rant my best friend is a Betta and I am glad you care about your Bettas.
  2. ChoclateBetta
    10-29-2012 03:26 PM - permalink
    Sorry if I offended you.
  3. ChoclateBetta
    10-29-2012 03:20 PM - permalink
    My Petco loves there fish sorry for your bad expeirences can not wait to see them as adults sorry did not know it was just while they are small I have a pretty active and healthy Betta I believe the tank size is right but territoral fish should not be that close to eachother.
  4. ChoclateBetta
    10-29-2012 02:54 PM - permalink
    I see your viewing the care section and that says 2.5 miniumum I am okay with 1 gallons but dividing smaller tanks is a bad idea if you want I can help you find deals on bigger tanks that are cheap?
  5. ChoclateBetta
    10-29-2012 02:52 PM - permalink
    I am not bashing the smaller tank many users agreed 5 gal dividing minumum and no offense but you are acting pretty ignorant my petco takes great care of their fish the cup excuse is used by everyone even people with .25 tanks those cups are a temparay are fish would cost a fortune without them how about a pair up I compare my ten gallon makes health ro your health and you are the one being rude frankly.
  6. ChoclateBetta
    10-29-2012 02:34 PM - permalink
    That was rude.
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