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  1. Oldfishlady
    01-29-2013 01:29 PM - permalink
    I haven't had to buy any plants in a really long time-The only mail order plants I bought was from sweetaquatic-but that was a really long time ago and so I can't say much about them. One good place to get plants is from your local aquarium club-I would google search your state/country and see if you have a local club or look in the back of most aquarium magazine for a list.
  2. Hershey
    01-29-2013 01:10 PM - permalink
    Ok, thanks! Where do you obtain your plants?
  3. Oldfishlady
    01-29-2013 01:06 PM - permalink
    Good floaters-water lettuce is one of my favorites-but you can float any specie of plant if needed-especially if it is short term. The stem plants are better to float compared to the rosette type plants-Then you have the rhizome plants like ferns, anubias that will do well floating too-even long term. I float a lot of different species of plant to get them started rooting. Since this can sometimes give them a head start to a degree due to them being able to obtain higher CO2 from the atmosphere instead of depending on the CO2 content of the water.
  4. Hershey
    01-29-2013 12:48 PM - permalink
    Do you know any good floaters for a 1G?
  5. Oldfishlady
    01-29-2013 08:48 AM - permalink
    Let them float....
  6. Hershey
    01-28-2013 06:45 PM - permalink
    Hey, OFL, if the tank is bare-bottom, how can you keep plants in it? I wanted a few for a temp 1 gallon.
  7. Oldfishlady
    10-17-2012 11:46 AM - permalink
    Links don't work in the VM area...what is the name of the thread....
  8. Hershey
    10-17-2012 11:36 AM - permalink
    OFL, We were wondering if this could be a tumor, or was I giving false information? Thank you! c:
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