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Conversation Between RedRaz and Little Leaf
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  1. RedRaz
    10-13-2012 09:54 PM - permalink
    Awww sorry! Did you get the AQ salt already?
  2. Little Leaf
    10-13-2012 02:36 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    too late :P but at least i know where to buy it from, now.

  3. RedRaz
    10-13-2012 11:31 AM - permalink
    Sorry I was away from my computer. The petstore will have AQ salt. Petco, Petsmart and probably Walmart.
  4. Little Leaf
    10-13-2012 09:04 AM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    he stopped darting, and where can I buy some AQ SALT?

    I need it for water changes and im doing one today and someone recommended on my thread to use AQ salt with everyday water changes, and I'm going out right now, please reply fast, I don't wanna miss my chance to finally get AQ salt!
  5. RedRaz
    10-11-2012 06:32 PM - permalink
    Sounds like parasites. I would like Lebron suggested start a thread explaining everything. I'm very new to betta care and disease so getting more input is always good. Or you could PM OFL or Sakura. They helped me a lot with my sick betta.
  6. Little Leaf
    10-11-2012 06:17 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    its kind of rubby, yea, but it's also like a light dart.

    his breathing seems heavy...
  7. RedRaz
    10-10-2012 08:42 PM - permalink
    Hey Little Leaf! I just got your message. Well is your betta rubbing himself on things. Like he has an itch? How is his breathing too? Rapid or normal? Is he eating normal? Staying at the bottom of his tank?
  8. Little Leaf
    10-10-2012 08:07 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    RedRaz, do you know why King Dedede would have a pale white belly and move in jerky movements that look like bumping against the tank?

    there's also a bit of golden/yellow color near and on his gills, there's also clean water and each time he sees me, he flares at me and I see a bit of red on his right gill, just a bit, not too much, it's a full-on-flare.
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