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Conversation Between madmonahan and blu the betta
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  1. madmonahan
    03-17-2013 08:25 PM - permalink
    Okay, I will look them up. :)
  2. blu the betta
    03-17-2013 08:22 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    you should look it up on images. they are a labyrinth fish.
  3. madmonahan
    03-17-2013 08:21 PM - permalink
    I love the wind, when it gets super windy, I often hold my arms out and let the wind whip my hair around and just love the feeling. It's amazing.
    Never heard of it.
  4. blu the betta
    03-17-2013 08:19 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    its sunny but really windy. have you ever heard of paradise fish?
  5. madmonahan
    03-17-2013 08:17 PM - permalink
    It was windy but it was also very nice outside.
    I love March. :)
    Mostly because its my birthday month, but also because it is wonderful outside.
  6. blu the betta
    03-17-2013 08:15 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    i love bad mitten! its so ugly outside. too windy. march winds.
  7. madmonahan
    03-17-2013 08:13 PM - permalink
    Yeah, my friend and I spent all day outside. I'm trying to teach her a front handspring on the trampoline, its slow going...but I'm a pretty good teacher.
    We also played volleyball and bad mitten. (However you spell that)
  8. blu the betta
    03-17-2013 08:11 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    boring i played video games all day. (im an outside person) they are my best ones too. but i love being outside more.
  9. madmonahan
    03-17-2013 08:09 PM - permalink
    Best Friend For Eternity. I made it up. :p
    How was your day?
  10. blu the betta
    03-17-2013 08:08 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    Wat is a bffe?
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