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Conversation Between madmonahan and blu the betta
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  1. blu the betta
    04-06-2013 02:36 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    i hate getting my hair cut. when i go to town i just throw on some clothes.
  2. blu the betta
    04-06-2013 02:30 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    being a boy and all i dont get that you look horrible.i am nice to everybody though.
  3. madmonahan
    04-06-2013 02:23 PM - permalink
    All of the girls in my grade are putting makeup on and doing their hair to look good and make people like them and things like that. I never wear makeup, my hair is to hard to do, not like I care. I don't care if someone thinks I'm ugly or doesn't like my clothes, it's my life not theirs.
    Sorry, I just get really frustrated with the people these days.
  4. blu the betta
    04-06-2013 01:59 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    i dont anymore because i dont care what people think of me so they dont get the fun out of it.
  5. madmonahan
    04-06-2013 01:48 PM - permalink
    :( I haven't, I don't think bullies would get away with it. I have protective brothers and I can defend myself. Even though I wouldn't want to fight, I can argue with many things though. :p its hard to win face to face with me in an argument.
  6. blu the betta
    04-06-2013 01:31 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
  7. madmonahan
    04-06-2013 12:58 PM - permalink
    Have you ever been bullied?
  8. madmonahan
    04-06-2013 12:55 PM - permalink
    Oh yeah!:P
  9. blu the betta
    04-06-2013 12:52 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
  10. madmonahan
    04-06-2013 12:49 PM - permalink
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