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Conversation Between madmonahan and blu the betta
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  1. blu the betta
    03-08-2013 11:20 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    are you tired?
  2. madmonahan
    03-08-2013 11:15 PM - permalink
    No. It is daylight, I never said it was night. I love that riddle. I'm so horrible at riddles though.
  3. blu the betta
    03-08-2013 11:12 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    he runs it over? i dont know. please say.
  4. madmonahan
    03-08-2013 11:09 PM - permalink
    I have a riddle for you.
    A man is riding in his car, the lamplights are broken and his head and tail lights are out. There is a black cat in the middle of the road, how does he avoid it?
  5. blu the betta
    03-08-2013 11:07 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
  6. madmonahan
    03-08-2013 11:03 PM - permalink
    You can message a Mod about changing it. Thats how I got my birthdate fixed on here. Because I put the wrong date.
  7. blu the betta
    03-08-2013 11:01 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
    i know i dont want it to show that cause its not true but i cant get rid of it.
  8. madmonahan
    03-08-2013 10:53 PM - permalink
    Yeah. It's disgusting the people these days...just disgusting...
  9. blu the betta
    03-08-2013 10:51 PM - permalink
    blu the betta
  10. madmonahan
    03-08-2013 10:50 PM - permalink
    I'd rather not say, I trust you but I watched this video on YouTube about this girl who committed suicide from this stalker person. Now I get nervous everyone I post a video on YouTube.because I got this comment,
    "Pretty socks. Show more." I'm pretty sure the guy wasn't taking about my socks. I'm getting all sick just thinking about it. It's pretty much my worse fear.
    I can PM you to tell you though lol. Just needed to tell somone...
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