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Conversation Between madmonahan and Saphira101
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  1. Saphira101
    02-19-2013 11:46 PM - permalink
    This is my first contest I've ever done, so I'm not exactly how to go about judging. I guess you could send the final results any time after midnight on Feb. 25 2013...
  2. madmonahan
    02-19-2013 11:31 PM - permalink
    Any specific time?? When do you want me to send you the last results?
  3. Saphira101
    02-19-2013 10:51 PM - permalink
    Please make sure you are online on either Feb. 26 or 27 (or both) for the judging of the Betta flare photo contest!

    Thanks, ~Saphira
  4. madmonahan
    01-30-2013 12:28 AM - permalink
    Yeah, some people thought, (when I first started betta keeping) that it was just a stage. Boy are they wrong!

    My friend littiraly said "your so lucky, you don't really have to do school all day!" Well she said something like that.
  5. Saphira101
    01-30-2013 12:24 AM - permalink
    Yeah, I know. Some adults also tend to quiz us on "general knowledge" just to be "sure".

  6. madmonahan
    01-30-2013 12:08 AM - permalink
    That's interesting. :D my little brother went through "a stage" where he collected cards, fought, and traded at school.

    Isn't it annoying when everyone says "your so lucky to be homeschooled!" My friends think I sit at home all day doing nothing. -__-
  7. Saphira101
    01-30-2013 12:03 AM - permalink
    Certainly. The fighting is easy once you get the hang of it, I'm just not the type who likes to join the leagues- I went to one once and I was like: "NO WAY am I doing this again." although I don't mind the occasional battle with my friends or brother...
  8. madmonahan
    01-29-2013 11:59 PM - permalink
    I have never really understood the fighting. But some of the Pokemon are very cool. :)
  9. Saphira101
    01-29-2013 11:57 PM - permalink
    Yeah. I like Pokemon, have a couple hundred cards, but I mostly collect them for the art, I'm not much of a fighter.
  10. madmonahan
    01-29-2013 11:54 PM - permalink
    Haha, right? I'm not really into Pokemon, but I love Pikachu, especially Pikacat!
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