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Conversation Between KcSaf and WildFlower
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  1. WildFlower
    08-15-2012 07:22 PM - permalink
    VICTORY *fist waggle*
  2. KcSaf
    08-15-2012 04:25 PM - permalink
    !!! you put natsu in betta art!! *excitement*
  3. WildFlower
    08-10-2012 12:46 PM - permalink
    Fine I'll post a picture on FB....look in my fish albums. I have one of Natsu in there already!
  4. KcSaf
    08-10-2012 12:44 PM - permalink
    i win!
  5. WildFlower
    08-09-2012 10:56 PM - permalink
    Show me your new fishy NOW!!!!! Post a pic Post a pic Post a pic Post a pic Post a pic!!!!
  6. WildFlower
    08-05-2012 01:38 PM - permalink
    Yes yes I just sent you a PM about it....hehehehehe *world domination*
  7. KcSaf
    08-05-2012 11:31 AM - permalink
    You bought another fish!?!?!?!?
  8. WildFlower
    07-27-2012 06:49 PM - permalink
    If you want, I have some extra rocks at my house that I don't use, and they are still in the they have never been used before. If you want I can drop them off the next time you do a water change so you can change out the old rocks for new ones.
  9. KcSaf
    07-27-2012 05:43 PM - permalink
    HEY! im working on transfering right now, i rewrote the checklist and am just amout to put him in his cup. not so sure about the rocks though... dont know if i cleaned them well enough but i certainly hope so. i will individually rinse each rock if i have to! plus i will reuse the ones from his smaller bowl so there will be less to clean.
  10. KcSaf
    07-27-2012 03:01 PM - permalink
    psh no, i already took them off, and made big bro take the other spider out, so now the bowl is spotless, but i think i will transfer him when i get back.
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