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  1. bettalover2033
    07-16-2012 12:03 AM - permalink
    Yes the whisper filter has been a good one for me. I'm not all that good with filters because I don't use any (I'm a breeder). Just try it out with him. If it does turn out to be a fast flowing filter, just put a piece of pantyhose to slow it down.

    I'm sure he will be fine with the others. Though some males or females can be too aggressive, but sometimes it isnt a problem. Also, I'm happy I can help! :)
  2. CarmenSD
    07-15-2012 11:02 PM - permalink
    Male. You think the tetra whisper will be a soft enough flow for him? And your saying he can get along with 8-10 other fish in his tank with him? THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me! I want him to have the best :)
  3. bettalover2033
    07-14-2012 11:41 AM - permalink
    Okay well, first I'd have to say that using a filter for only 3 gallons will only result in too much ammonia back up and not enough filtration for the debris. Getting at least a 10 gallon filter is advised. I used to use filters (being a breeder it's almost impossible). The one I used to use was called: Tetra Whisper 10i. It worked great for me and never disappointed me.

    You can either use that or get a spongefilter. It filters the tank and has no flow that will push bettas. This is also why it's used in baby betta tanks. If you want some other tankmates...I would go with either 4-5 guppies and 4-5 cory cats, or 4-5 platties and 4-5 guppies, or you can get about three inverts (shrimp) 5 cory cats and your betta. No neon tetras because they need at least 15 gallons.

    Is your betta a male or female?
  4. CarmenSD
    07-13-2012 11:31 PM - permalink
    HI! Thank you for the welcome! and I DO have a question that needs anwering...I just bought my betta a 10 gallon tank and I'm trying to find a gentle enough, but QUIET, filter (the tank is going 3ft from my bed). I want to get him maybe 2-3 roommates (betta friendly of course) so I want to make sure the filter actually works well but isn't too harsh of a flow for mr. betta, and isn't too loud for me. The petstore guy recommended a Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter 3i so the flow wouldn't be too strong but it's only for up to a 3gal tank so I'm skeptical. Any recommendations are super greatly appreciated! I wanna make sure my 'lil dude has the best set-up possible :) Thank You!!!!!! <3
  5. bettalover2033
    07-13-2012 11:27 PM - permalink
    Hello and Welcome to the forum! My name is bettalover2033 i am also a betta breeder and I would like to say that if you need ANY kind of help, whether it be general betta fish care and needs or an betta breeding help, I am able to help you or at least point you in the correct direction. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
    I hope you enjoy your stay at**as much as we do! Glad to see another betta keeper here with us.

    P.S.If you would like to reply to this VS (Visitor Message) please go to my page and reply in the provided text box.
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