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Conversation Between shellieca and Hallyx
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  1. shellieca
    02-28-2014 12:38 PM - permalink
    Oops, if there's a way to do something wrong leave it to me to find it & it shows how long its been since I "conversed" in this forum. LOL. Thank you for the kind words.
  2. Hallyx
    02-27-2014 05:17 PM - permalink
    I missed your reply last Monday because you repied on the front page instead of on the "view conversation" field.

    Just checking. You've always been one of my favorite Bettachicks.
  3. Hallyx
    02-22-2014 03:20 AM - permalink
    Hi Shellie.
    How've you been?
  4. shellieca
    08-06-2013 08:32 AM - permalink
    Thank you Hallyx, I appreciate that I consider that quite a compliment from you. Personally, I think you have a wider range of knowledge & experience from what I've read in your posts. I'm quite the newbie, less than 2 yrs, so my knowledge is limited, I can only share my experiences & hope it helps.

    My 2.5g tanks, 1 at work & 1 at home, do not have live plants & I haven't been testing either. I do twice weekly water change.s typically around 80% each time with a 100% periodically. I have tested in the past & it took about 4 days, if I remember correctly for ammonia to show as .25.
  5. Hallyx
    08-05-2013 04:25 PM - permalink
    Hi Shellie. On your 2.5g at-work tank: How many plants? What are your readings just before your pwc's.

    I really admire how you share your not inconsiderable knowledge on the forum.
  6. shellieca
    06-22-2013 08:37 AM - permalink
    LOL. I hadn't even thought about being stalked but now that you mention it . . .

    Thank you about the tanks. I went a little crazy when I started, I've only been in the hobby about 18 months & I'm finally slowing down a bit with it. Although I do have have 2 tanks sitting around doing nothing.
  7. Hallyx
    06-22-2013 08:10 AM - permalink
    No, I'm not stalking you, Shellie. We're just interested in the same things, so we wind up on the dame threads a lot. LoL and ((huggies))

    Very impressed by your tanks, btw, especially that 46g. You're much deeper into this hobby than I am.
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