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Conversation Between Little Leaf and teeneythebetta
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  1. Little Leaf
    02-20-2013 05:35 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
  2. teeneythebetta
    02-20-2013 05:29 PM - permalink
    No, why?
  3. Little Leaf
    02-18-2013 07:42 AM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    TTB? Do you know anyone with a Lutino Indian Ringneck Parakeet?
  4. Little Leaf
    09-07-2012 05:16 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    can you look at the random necrosis thread? I posted an update on behavior
  5. Little Leaf
    09-03-2012 05:38 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    I use my sister's DSI for that, but I'll try to get a normal camera
  6. teeneythebetta
    09-03-2012 05:37 PM - permalink
    Use flash.
  7. Little Leaf
    09-03-2012 05:35 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    I'll try, but most of the colors won't come up!
  8. teeneythebetta
    09-03-2012 05:34 PM - permalink
    Can you get a picture of him?
  9. Little Leaf
    09-03-2012 05:28 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    King Dedede's scales are white and black... should I take him to some vetrinary clinic if he dies or something? he has weird purple and pink and orange colours on his anal fin.
  10. teeneythebetta
    09-03-2012 05:17 PM - permalink
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