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Conversation Between Little Leaf and LebronTheBetta
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  1. Little Leaf
    11-18-2012 10:21 AM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    i get confused on this thread
  2. LebronTheBetta
    11-17-2012 04:55 PM - permalink
    Ll... :(
  3. Little Leaf
    11-17-2012 10:53 AM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    People are so confusing on this thread!!!!!!!
  4. Little Leaf
    11-17-2012 10:48 AM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    I just trolled a few minutes ago!!
  5. LebronTheBetta
    11-17-2012 10:06 AM - permalink
    It gives them a thrill I guess. xD I watch the walking dead, it's pretty cool. Trolling? I'm not that type of person unless I want revenge.
  6. Little Leaf
    11-16-2012 11:39 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    do you know why people like horror movies? I just watched one and I'm shaking! xD anyway, let's go to chat and troll there! :D
  7. Little Leaf
    11-16-2012 03:52 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    its on TFK if ya wanna come
  8. LebronTheBetta
    11-16-2012 03:50 PM - permalink
    Nah, I'm ok. Thanks, though. :)
  9. Little Leaf
    11-16-2012 03:42 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    do you want to go to the chatroom?
  10. Little Leaf
    11-15-2012 06:17 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    cause I need to spray a liquid up my NOSE O_O water burns enough...
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