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Conversation Between Aquatail and ANHEL123
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  1. Aquatail
    12-02-2013 05:36 PM - permalink
    The message I was going to post here is too long, so I will send it to you in a PM.
  2. ANHEL123
    12-02-2013 05:10 PM - permalink
    No visual symptoms at all. His scales not raised, he is not darting, not bloated, no symptoms at all? How long he is like that? Anything new in his tank at all? Why spring water ? Is your tap water has ammonia in it? Did you try full water changes daily? Its just if there is not other symptoms but being lethargic may be something in the water?
    Well you talking to very knowledgeable people here so you guys covered all questions.
  3. Aquatail
    12-02-2013 04:45 PM - permalink
    Well he's... I'm not entirely sure. Something is going on with him but we're not exactly sure what. I've been talking with lilnaugrim, Sakura8 and LittleBlueFishlets so hopefully between us all we can figure it out. What do you think? It's a really, really long story but basically he's lethargic. His heat is fine and I can't see any other symptoms. He seems to perk up a bit after a fresh change of spring water, but after several days goes back to being lethargic.
  4. ANHEL123
    12-02-2013 03:17 PM - permalink
    just got worry , your betta got sick? Is he ok?
  5. Aquatail
    11-19-2013 01:54 AM - permalink
    Me too! :) I'm not sure what I would do if I didn't have them.
  6. ANHEL123
    11-18-2013 09:50 PM - permalink
    I think i will have bettas as long as i will live and can take care of them lol
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