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Conversation Between Branjosh and bettalover2033
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  1. bettalover2033
    06-28-2012 03:17 AM - permalink
    I will just answer in a private message since I went ver the limited characters allowed on a VS.
  2. Branjosh
    06-28-2012 02:45 AM - permalink
    Hi, thanks for the welcome. Hoping you can help me. My blue betta is in a community tank and a few days ago became really quiet and was at the bottom of the tank.He is refusing to eat, and only occasionally swims up for air. His fins also looked clamped. I got my water tested at a pet store and it confirmed ammonia poisoning, much to my surprise, as all the other fish are doing well and are active. I did a 50% water change (my tank is 42 gal) stopped feeding for 24 hours, and added some Prime. I did another water change 2 days later and there was a very slight improvement but not much. He still stays at the bottom of the tank and refuses to eat. What else should I be doing and do bettas recover fully from ammonia poisoning. All other water levels are fine. I really don't want to lose him. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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