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  1. misty1477
    10-02-2012 12:30 PM - permalink
    Sure is a 'wiggle-dancer'

    My Sparkle bites his tail ... he is a VT and when it grows back, it is so long & fluffy....but he likes it short I guess. Silly Fishy.

    I had to remove Sparkle's filter because he aquired a stange habit of going into major flare-mode at dark-colored things

    He does just fine without the filter. His tank is 5.5 gallons with silk plant. I do gravel vaccum once a week...about 50% to 60%.

    I have been floating a dried oak leaf fromm my yard in his tank lately....he absolutley loves it.
  2. snazy
    10-02-2012 11:43 AM - permalink
    Thanks very much. I won't feel bad :) It's for the good of the fish. The flow is very low, just the moving leaves give the illusion on the video that it is on the high side. Although bettas are adapted to low oxygen levels, they live better and longer in oxygenated water and the water surface agitation is needed for that. And he swims exactly the same way when the filter is off during water changes, shaking his whole body so it's not the filter, I think his tail is a bit too heavy and I guess it's a bit of exersise for him :) He goes all over the tank so he doesn't seem bothered and he is quite lively, only goes in between the anubias leaves at night time so he can't be tired from the flow. If it was too strong for him, he wold hide and rest somewhere in a quiet corner. As for his fin, it was damaged already when I got him so that's not from this tank.
  3. misty1477
    10-02-2012 11:20 AM - permalink
    I watched your video. Beautiful Betta

    However, it seemed like he was being pushed-around and/or fighting the filter flow. Maybe flow too strong?

    I decided to 'message' you with my observation instead of posting on the thread. Didn't want to make you feel bad 'publicly'.

    I just wanted to be aware of my observation. Okay?
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