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  1. Blue Fish
    08-31-2013 09:47 PM - permalink
    Blue Fish
    As long as he's otherwise acting okay, he's probably just enjoying his new plants. :)
    If he starts refusing food, breathing heavily, laying on the bottom, spots or fuzz appear, etc. then it's time to check him out.

    Several of my guys either like to swim through their plants, or lay in them. :) One of mine is particularly shy, and he can almost always be found hiding in his plants. :) Also, where your guy has very full fins, he probably spends more time resting and laying near the surface because it's harder to swim. :)

    If he's just come either from a cup or from a smaller tank into a bigger tank, that's another reason he can spend more time resting. :) He's got to take a little time to build more muscle and be able to handle his new space. :)

    He'll get used to it though, and he'll be so much happier in his bigger space. :)

    I hope this helps! :) And don't feel bad about the hit and miss for replies, sometimes the board just gets more traffic than other times. :)
  2. Jdillio1988
    08-31-2013 06:28 PM - permalink
    Hey, im just going to ask an experienced person this because i feel like alot of my post dont get answered. I just put some silk plants in my bettas tank and he seems to be laying in them. Is that normal? When hes in them it looks like hes stuck but when i look away for a couple seconds he has moved and is clearly not stuck. Just making sure this is normal behavior
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