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Conversation Between Tyler burkett and LebronTheBetta
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  1. Tyler burkett
    11-02-2012 06:26 PM - permalink
    Tyler burkett
    I Know!!!!! dont you love how the gravel contrasts him perfectly? i am very proud of my betta tank.
  2. Tyler burkett
    11-02-2012 06:12 PM - permalink
    Tyler burkett
    P.S. i love your betta have you seen the pictures of mine? he is one of my favorites.he is trained to feed from my hand but my hands are usualy dirty so i dont do it often but i love him. he looks a bit like yours but smaller.
  3. Tyler burkett
    11-02-2012 06:09 PM - permalink
    Tyler burkett
    I also saw your post on the cory page and that you are considering getting some and there are many options but i would strongly recomend arcutus corydas or skunk corys.they are very playful and can be tought to come out in the day unlike some corys.
  4. Tyler burkett
    11-02-2012 06:00 PM - permalink
    Tyler burkett
    I must say they are very beautiful fish.not to be kept with other fish unless you get the other fish at the same time and size.i love mine though.he is 5 years old and still growing:D haha but very good fish to have.mine wasnt much more than 2 inches when i got him.
  5. Tyler burkett
    11-02-2012 05:53 PM - permalink
    Tyler burkett
    My oscar is a little over a foot long.he is in a 75 gal. tank and he is one of a kind.he is very friendly and is in a community tank with angels and various plecos.
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