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  1. LebronTheBetta
    12-05-2012 05:21 PM - permalink
    My favorite clan is Windclan. ^.^ My top 5 fav warriors are Ashfur, (already stated) Hawkfrost, Crowfeather, Cinderpelt, and last but not least, Jayfeather. I can't believe Firestar died! It was heart-breaking, Erin is making another series right? I can't wait to see Brambleclaw as leader. :D Favorite book series of all time, gotta love animals. >.>
  2. Leopardfire
    12-05-2012 05:13 PM - permalink
    Yes i love warriors! My favorite character is Leopardstar (hence the name) but I also really love Bluestar and Firestar. My fav clan is Riverclan. I am on the last book, A Last Hope and it is really good. What about you?
  3. LebronTheBetta
    12-05-2012 02:57 PM - permalink
    Hi Leopard. I just saw on this thread that you're a fan of the warriors cats series! I'm a fan, too. Did you read all the books? My favorite character is Ashfur/paw. He went through so much because of Squirrelflight. T-T
  4. LebronTheBetta
    11-01-2012 11:01 PM - permalink
    Hi LF. I heard one of your Bettas has severe fin rot due to 1ppm of ammonia in your tap water. If you're desperate, I suggest cutting his fins. But that's when you're ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE. Even experienced fish keepers find this hard but it might be the only way to save him. If you do, then after the cutting, place him in bottled water so there's no ammonia at all and do 100% changes daily, AQ Salt if desired etc.. The closer the fins are to the body, and that's where you cut, he might get hurt. It is a painful process if you cut close near the body so I wish you luck on whichever method you prefer.
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