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Conversation Between LebronTheBetta and Little Leaf
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  1. LebronTheBetta
    09-16-2012 09:56 AM - permalink
  2. Little Leaf
    09-16-2012 09:10 AM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    idk, my friend from school came over and then my dad didn't let me do ANYTHING AT ALL.

    and... now, I'm somewhat bored XD
  3. LebronTheBetta
    09-15-2012 07:59 PM - permalink
    Aw, what happened?
  4. Little Leaf
    09-15-2012 05:04 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    I feel negected. -_- I think it's cause my dad won't let me do ANYTHING AT ALL!?!
  5. LebronTheBetta
    09-15-2012 03:30 PM - permalink
  6. Little Leaf
    09-15-2012 03:27 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    lol! > <
  7. LebronTheBetta
    09-12-2012 08:51 PM - permalink
    That's awesome! Well, happy b-day to your sister! :D Don't worry, you'll get popular, too. I'm technically in the middle, haha
  8. Little Leaf
    09-12-2012 08:49 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    better, WAY better.

    my classmate came to my house today and helped me with my homework and stuff, I wanted to wet my hand (WITH WATER!! not something else) and put it in the candle flames and then out, though I wasn't allowed to because my parents said no...

    As time flies by.... I'm trying to wait for my birthday without thinking about my sister's party and random popularity... (it was her b-day yesterday ^.^)
  9. LebronTheBetta
    09-12-2012 08:45 PM - permalink
    Hello LL. :) How's King Dedede now?
  10. Little Leaf
    09-12-2012 08:44 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    hi LTB. O3O
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