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Conversation Between LebronTheBetta and Little Leaf
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  1. LebronTheBetta
    11-12-2012 04:14 PM - permalink
    Why would he kill him..? :(
  2. Little Leaf
    11-12-2012 04:13 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    the commercial came up to surprise me!

    now I need to go do a water change and my homework or my dad is gonna attempt to kill King Dedede. NOT KIDDING
  3. LebronTheBetta
    11-12-2012 04:12 PM - permalink
    0-0 Um, ok..? LOL
  4. Little Leaf
    11-12-2012 04:09 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    lol. look what happened when I came here.

    *reads your comment, then commercial comes up*

    me: AAH!!!

    King Dedede: AAH!!!!
  5. LebronTheBetta
    11-12-2012 04:07 PM - permalink
    Yep, thank god!! *PHEW*
  6. Little Leaf
    11-12-2012 04:03 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    (yay for good kinds of exceptions! LOL)
  7. LebronTheBetta
    11-12-2012 03:55 PM - permalink
    YAY! Now we can be on the forum!! LOL xD
  8. Little Leaf
    11-12-2012 03:54 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    oh, oops xD my dad did the consent... (insert random things here) *tapes mouth shut*
  9. LebronTheBetta
    11-12-2012 03:53 PM - permalink
    Yeah, we're not supposed to talk about it. But yes, I did. My mom did the consent etc etc... And then the admin should get her email. :)
  10. Little Leaf
    11-12-2012 03:40 PM - permalink
    Little Leaf
    LTB, did you get an email from admin, too?
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