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  1. teeneythebetta
    08-28-2012 07:49 PM - permalink
    Come on try harder! Most colleges require 2 years of the same high school level foreign language class. I'm not even Spanish; nobody in my family speaks Spanish, but I tried hard at it and already finished two years of it. Last year I took Spanish 2, I was the only freshman in that class.
  2. LebronTheBetta
    08-28-2012 07:47 PM - permalink
    I had a class in Spanish. I failed! >:O ~LTB
  3. teeneythebetta
    08-28-2012 07:40 PM - permalink
    Hahaha. Yeah If they give you the opportunity, take it!! I took algebra 1 and Spanish 1 in 8th grade, both count for high school credit ;) I have art tomorrow first period yayyyyy! Lol
  4. LebronTheBetta
    08-28-2012 07:38 PM - permalink
    In what way...? LOL!! Yep, there are some. My English teacher, art teacher, home room teacher, P.E. coaches aren't that mean and strict. Math is also great, just not the 7th graders there. (I'm advanced, if I advance even more, I can go to algebra!!) Most of my teachers are great, just not the WS one. ~LTB
  5. teeneythebetta
    08-28-2012 07:34 PM - permalink
    Yeah... So do you have any cool teachers? Last year I had an awesome teacher. He was hilarious, a little inappropriate but not in a creepy way. Lol
  6. LebronTheBetta
    08-28-2012 07:32 PM - permalink
    I hope so. Having no lockers is stupid, you have to carry your backpack all day long. I need to buy P.E. clothes from there but I forgot the check and forum in the locker!! >:( ~LTB
  7. teeneythebetta
    08-28-2012 07:27 PM - permalink
    Aww :( I hate going the most in the mornings LOL.or when I have a big test -_- It's not so nerve wracking after awhile ;)
    Idk why I've never had lockers. Well, I had a locker for gym class, but that was just last year and only for gym stuff. :P
  8. LebronTheBetta
    08-28-2012 07:23 PM - permalink
    Once I get used to it, it should be fine. :) For some reason, I don't want to go to school the night before each time but it's fine after a while. I don't know why but I get emotional the night before each school day. :\ No lockers? How come?!? ~LTB
  9. teeneythebetta
    08-28-2012 07:19 PM - permalink
    Oh c'mon it's not that bad! You will always have cranky teachers, just try to get in her good side :D you're lucky I've never had lockers :(
  10. LebronTheBetta
    08-28-2012 07:16 PM - permalink
    It was my 2nd day... Got 7 periods. >.< My world studies teacher is pretty mean and I finally have my locker. :) It's hard to get the combination right, though. ~LTB
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