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  1. LebronTheBetta
    11-11-2012 03:49 PM - permalink
    Hey Maisy, I have a question. If I get 1 Cory, will it start to get lethargic and weak? It's for my QT tank and it's SO small! It's like the breeder jars. :( I have prime but I'm not sure...
  2. MaisyDawgThirteen
    11-09-2012 06:53 AM - permalink
    Yeah. It's kind of hard to make it shallow with 7 other fish. It's a 10 gallon filled up, so I guess it's relatively shallow.
  3. LebronTheBetta
    11-08-2012 05:05 PM - permalink
    She probably gets tired easily. Is the water shallow?
  4. MaisyDawgThirteen
    11-08-2012 04:59 PM - permalink
    I'm not sure on her. The weak swimmer worries me. She gets food and everything, and no one is picking on her, so idk. She goes in this cycle, rest on gravel, swim, rest on gravle, swim, etc.
  5. LebronTheBetta
    11-08-2012 04:44 PM - permalink
    Yeah, you made sense. Your fish are fine, it's not really major. Except for your weak swimmer that is.
  6. MaisyDawgThirteen
    11-08-2012 03:37 PM - permalink
    Simplified Version ~
    Some say 5W per gallon - Others day 10W per gallon
    eg. 10 Gallon - 5WPG-50W 10WPG-100W
    IME 10WPG is better.
    Hopefully I actually made sense.

    Yeah, I'm not sure. It is really strange. I pick up all of the messed up fish. My betta has deformed rays, and one of my platies is a really weak swimmer. lol
  7. LebronTheBetta
    11-08-2012 03:23 PM - permalink
    ... It should be fine then! :) I heard it's 25 watts per 5 gallons of water so that's how I got 100. It kinda didn't make sense but oh well!

    It's good he's fine. It's weird that a defect can be weak fins. You've been at this over a year, so I guess that's experienced enough.
  8. MaisyDawgThirteen
    11-08-2012 03:15 PM - permalink
    Well, there is a bit of a debate on whether it is 5 or 10 watts per gallon. I found that when I had a 50W in my 10 gallon it wasn't heating sufficently, but my 100W has been, I say 10W per gallon. Others will argue that it's 5, so it's up to you. I use 50W in my 50 gallons. So, either 100 or 200. (sorry if that made no sense, I tried! lol)

    Thanks! Fin rot dude is good, he doesn't have it at the moment. I think maybe it's just a birth defect. It has been up and running since 2011 Boxing Day. I didn't cycle it then, but I think by around 11 months it should be good. xD I'm actually not that experienced, that 10 Gallon in December is actually my first tank, followed by a 5 Gallon to house that aggressive guppy (it was moved back to the 10 after some time on his own, then I added a betta since the guppies were staying civil, then it got aggressive again, so back to the LPS he went), then a KK to house some platy fry, then a 5.5 gallon to house the deformed fry I kept. lol
  9. LebronTheBetta
    11-08-2012 02:19 PM - permalink
    Yeah, probably need a 400 GPH filter for them! xD 100 watts is good for a 20, right? Sorority heater and all.

    I'm sorry about the bad luck with the guppies, and people need to treat them better!! How's the one with fin rot coming along? You're pretty experienced, isn't the tank cycled already?
  10. MaisyDawgThirteen
    11-08-2012 06:06 AM - permalink
    Yeah, with oscars isn't it double filtration? xD
    Culling is a hard thing to do. I got the 5 guppies in December, one died in May, that one was euthanized in June, I had to give another back to the pet store in July because it was too aggressive, and one got a bid belly over a day or two then died in early October. Just one left, the runt, with recurring fin rot. lol I got the other four first, and went back to the store to get him, as the only other tankmate for him was a single bronze cory. :(
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