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  1. lillyandquigly
    07-11-2013 11:36 PM - permalink
    I really love the RP so far, I didn't know if it would take off, but so far I'm happy at how well it's doing :D
  2. LebronTheBetta
    12-26-2012 05:44 PM - permalink
    Oh, okay. It's great she's doing better, and I'm impressed that she lived for like 7 years.
  3. LebronTheBetta
    12-26-2012 05:09 PM - permalink
    Oh, okay. Well good luck. Try to lower the water level, do you have IAL on hand? Or oak leaves?
  4. LebronTheBetta
    12-26-2012 05:04 PM - permalink
    I'm so sorry. :( What sickness? Is there anything you can do for her?
  5. LebronTheBetta
    12-26-2012 04:58 PM - permalink
    O.O You must have some spoiled fish right there! Remember to wash them, though.
  6. LebronTheBetta
    12-26-2012 04:49 PM - permalink
    xD My 1st baby, Winnie, I was lucky she was a girl. lol I didn't have anymore tanks to spare. haha
  7. LebronTheBetta
    12-26-2012 04:37 PM - permalink
    So there's a sorority either way? xD It won't be that hard then, just remember to float them together as well.
  8. LebronTheBetta
    12-26-2012 04:20 PM - permalink
    Getting a new sorority? I currently have a 20G with 6 females and 4 cories. :) Are you getting tank mates? It's easier without, but my tank would've looked empty. lol As long as you put in tons of decorations and QT, it should be fine.
  9. LebronTheBetta
    09-15-2012 03:33 PM - permalink
    Nice avatar. ;)
  10. LebronTheBetta
    09-13-2012 08:46 PM - permalink
    I know, amazing huh? ;) I uploaded photos to tinypic/photobucket and then I edited them. :D
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