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  1. LebronTheBetta
    07-28-2012 05:34 PM - permalink
    Hi OFL, I have a question regarding my fish-in cycle... Can I do a 100% change on my tank before I put the filter in? It's just that, my fake plants need a washing and my barrel has this brown gooey thing on some spots of it. It can be washed away, though. I already read your Betta specific cycle thread, too. Lebron also has a missing scale so I think that'll help with it growing back. Thanks! ~LTB
  2. Oldfishlady
    06-23-2012 01:02 PM - permalink
    No problem....
  3. LebronTheBetta
    06-23-2012 12:57 PM - permalink
    I hope that this one's not fatal. Thanks for helping dragonflower. Even if it's not my Betta, all deserve to be helped if needed.
  4. Oldfishlady
    06-23-2012 12:46 PM - permalink
    They PM'd me and I replied to the thread and you are correct....not a lot can be done with least they usually are not fatal......
  5. LebronTheBetta
    06-23-2012 12:10 PM - permalink
    Hi OFL. It's me LTB.
    I've been to this Thread made by dragonflower. It's called 'bump on betta'. Unfortunately, I do not know how to post a direct Link, I'm an idiot. And I already told her to PM you, or Mo, or Sakura8, or other Betta Pros.
    She/he already did the Information Sheet, and based on the Pictures her/his Betta seems to have a Tumor. Please PM her because she didn't reply to me yet. Is there things you could do to save a Betta with a Tumor? I thought there was not much to do.

    Sincerely, LTB, LebronTheBetta
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