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Conversation Between LinkLover and ANHEL123
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  1. ANHEL123
    02-20-2013 01:08 PM - permalink
    I hope you will feel better. I know how your feel, i was sick too with my baby. And sorry for the rude comment. Most of the people is very nice on this forum. I am glad that you still into fish business lol Don't hesitate to write if you have problem with your fish , i know a few very knowledgeable people on this forum who i can direct you to.
  2. LinkLover
    02-16-2013 06:38 PM - permalink
    Hey I am so sorry I haven't been responding! I'm pregnant and have been dealing with rough bouts of morning sickness among other things, plus after the rude comment I needed to take a break from the forum. I still have Link, although his fins STILL look funky, even with trying every possible thing I could think of to fix it. How are you? :)
  3. ANHEL123
    01-22-2013 02:55 PM - permalink
    Hey LinkLover how are you doing? Do you still have your betta? Hello :)
  4. ANHEL123
    11-18-2012 11:16 PM - permalink
    Hey LinkLover i get more respect for you than for myself. I love animals and i am eating meat. It your choice and opinion and no one can judge what you do.
    I just want to say hello and ask if you still have a betta :)
    I also saw that you rescued one with SBD . I just want to say that sometimes if betta is bloated. It can be for a few different reasons. It can be sbd / constipation or it also can be internal parasites. So if betta don't get better with fasting,epsom salt always check for poop. With internal parasites betta will get bloated, gray belly, white,clear stringy,wormy look poop.
    Also if betta constipated -frozen daphnia really helps. Epsom salt helps in both situations. It clean out digestive system and it will purge out the parasites.
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