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Conversation Between Mo and Unity
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  1. Mo
    08-06-2012 08:13 AM - permalink
    They are fine in the same tank
  2. Unity
    08-06-2012 12:20 AM - permalink
    Does hornwort compete with java moss? they are both floating plants but would it be best to keep the hornwort in one tank and the java moss in others?
  3. Mo
    08-03-2012 02:05 PM - permalink
    Yes. Hornwort is a very easy plant :)
  4. Unity
    08-03-2012 02:02 PM - permalink
    Not sure you saw this Mo:
    Thanks for your honesty - I just ordered some javamoss but not much. I would like to keep my new tank planted but honestly am afraid that I am biting off more than I can chew. Would that handful be very basic and low maintenance? I am very new to plants (aside from Marimo). Also wound up buying my new betta elsewhere.
  5. Mo
    08-02-2012 07:25 AM - permalink
    Chards bettas? Well. I don't like dealing with him as he is rude. He thinks his own methods are the best. I remember writing a few articles for a forum and he did not agree with them so he was rude and felt the need to say some very mean things. Instead he could have said his opinion in a nice way. He also does not breed quality fish. His purple line are not purple as many people have seen. I just avoid him and advise other people to avoid him too. Also, I do have one handful of hornwort, cabomba, and anacharis mixed together to sell for 2.50+5.50 shippingw
  6. Unity
    08-02-2012 01:35 AM - permalink
    Mo - I have seen you put down some of chards Bettas - can you please elaborate?

    Also I am always in the market for low maintenance plants so maybe we cab do some business!
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